Spotlight: MARKED Edible Designs


Meet Mark Tagulao, the founder and not to mention creative genius behind MARKED Edible Designs. Known for his masterful designs and enchanting flavors, Mark has become a fixture on the Vancouver culinary scene. With notable appearances on The Food Network’s Recipe to Riches, Donut ShowdownCTV and Shaw’s The Express, this pastry chef continues to push boundaries by creating innovative and delicious desserts and pastries. Mark’s specialties include macarons, custom cakes for weddings and special events, food styling and culinary education.


How did you get into the cake business?

I’ve been baking & cooking since I was a kid. The women in my family are such talented chefs, so I grew up in a household that nurtured my passion for the culinary arts. I think I was born with a sweet tooth which naturally geared me towards seeking out a path in life that involved desserts.


What is the process involved in ordering a wedding cake?

The process in ordering a cake can be as hand on or off as a client wants. First would be to determine the style & design of the cake. I usually recommend that clients show me some inspiration images, then we can go ahead with a final look, size of cake, and most importantly the flavor of cake.


Do you have any tips for brides and grooms choosing a wedding cake?

My advice would be to let them choose a cake they are happy with. Too often, I meet clients who let their creativity get bogged down by trying to cater to everyone’s idea of what a wedding cake should look or taste.


What is the most memorable cake you’ve made for a couple’s wedding?

One of the most memorable cakes was a fast food themed wedding cake. The couple simply shared a love for fast food and they wanted their cake to reflect this commonality. The base of the cake was an orange blossom and vanilla chiffon that was shaped and decorated into giant hamburger. Followed by a hot dog with ketchup and relish shaped middle tier, and topped with a carton of french fries with the bride and groom’s monogram.


What other desserts do you offer?

MARKED Edible Designs also specializes in french macarons in a vast array of flavors.  Everything from vanilla bean to chocolate mint poprock. We have flavors that will leave an impression with all your guests. Gourmet donuts are also a permanent item on our catering menu.


What makes Marked Edible Designs one-of-a-kind?

We have fun with our food and it’s something that translates in our desserts and cakes. MARKED is based on the belief of making food that is both familiar and unfamiliar and making it accessible to all.  I’ve lived a sweet life so far and I’m eager to share that with the world!



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