Spotlight: STAGE LAB Slow Motion Video Booth

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Meet Kal & Kylie Mattu, they are the duo behind STAGE LAB Slow Motion Video Booth, a memorable music video starring you and your loved ones. STAGE LAB provides the setup, direction, props and editing. All you have to do is bring the smiles, laughter, and fun!

Kylie & Kal


How did you get into the slow motion video business?

We had JUST started to get into photography and videography when a video had gone viral from Seattle. I saw the video and said “THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO!” To be a part of someone’s wedding and help make memories for people is a very rewarding thing.


What exactly is a Slow Motion Video booth?

A slow Motion Video Booth is the same concept as a photo booth but instead of still shot photos, its small video clips of people being silly put together to make a video in slow motion to a song.


Slow motion video booths have become the hottest new wedding trend. Why are they the latest wedding ‘must-have’?

I think because you get to see people’s personalities. Maybe the shy aunt will come out of her shell to do a little dance, or throw glitter on uncles’ face. Then it’s on film forever, and right there a memory has been made.



What are some of the funniest things you’ve captured in a slow motion video booth?

Ha! It’s all funny to me. When you slow down a lot of the things we make people do, it just looks hilarious. A boxing glove to someone’s face, or a mouth full of silly string, the reactions are priceless, especially when slowed down.


What other services do you provide?

We do also provide Photography and Videography. We’ve collaborated with wedding videographers Kismet Creative, and we’re working with some other vendors to become a one stop shop for weddings and events.


What makes STAGE LAB one-of-a-kind?

I think we‘re one of a kind because doing the Slow Motion Video Booth became an instant passion, and our main focus. It’s actually our only focus right now. We want to have the biggest and best in props and backdrops, and anything else that our imaginations can come up with.




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